First Hybrid-DIVE-Turbine set into operation in France

March 2018

In February 2018 the first DIVE-Turbine with Hybrid-Technology was set into test operation at the French hydro power plant Mazères. The site of Mazères is located at the river Hers in the Ariège region, approx. 1 hour south-east of Toulouse.

The new DIVE-Turbine was installed to replace an existing turbine that had been removed during modernization.

With this turbine a new milestone has been set by DIVE Turbinen GmbH & Co. KG and its partner SAS 2EI Industries: the turbine comes with hybrid technology as a combination of double and single regulated DIVE-Turbine. With this technology it reaches highest efficiencies.

At full load – approx. 75 up to 100 percent of power – the inverters are disconnected from the speed regulation. The generated energy is directly fed into the grid without inverter losses.

At part load – less than 75 percent of power – the inverters are reconnected to adjust the runner speed to the amount of water and reach high efficiencies also in part load.

The hybrid operation could have been developed because of modern inverter technology and the broad field experience of DIVE Turbinen GmbH & Co. KG and SAS 2EI Industries.

The DIVE-Turbine at power plant Mazères is a DIVE1800-400 with 1800mm runner diameter and 400kW installed capacity. The hydro power plant Mazére is a historical hydro power plant. In the process of modernization the power plant was also updated in terms of ecology. The DIVE-Turbine is a fish friendly turbine. Moreover, a fine rake with openings for downstream migration was installed. It can be concluded that the power plant Mazères is again one of many representational sites for highest demands in terms of economy and ecology in hydro power.

Picture gallery hydro power plant Mazères

DIVE-Turbine regulation