One more DIVE-Turbine for EDF France

May 2019

A new DIVE-Turbine has been delivered to the Hydro Power Plant Mancioux (France) for EDF France. After a period of renovation the power plant was restarted in March 2019 with three DIVE-Turbines. The new DIVE-Turbine has a runner diameter of 1450mm and an installed capacity of 580 kW.

In 2015 two twin Francis turbines have been replaced at a retorift of hydro power plant Mancioux. In 2018 a third turbine was to be installed in another empty turbine chamber. After three years of operation with DIVE-Turbines the customer, EDF France, decided for another DIVE-Turbine.

The first two turbines were speed-variable DIVE-Turbines, the new turbine is a fixed-speed turbine. The two speed-variable turbines regulate the head at variable discharge and heads. Therefore the fixed-speed turbine is run at permanent flow conditions (80%-100%) and is directly connected to the grid without inverter losses.

Thus the unit of turbine and generator reaches efficiencies up to 86% from the hydraulic energy of the water up to the public grid.

The new turbine of Mancioux is the 39th DIVE-Turbine on the grid.