DIVE-Turbine Claredent set into operation

December 2018

A new DIVE-Turbine has been set into operation in Dampniat, France at the end of November. Despite the historically low water level the power plant could successfully start operation.

DIVE-Turbine_Claredent_Installation_4.jpg The location of the power plant is of high ecologic value, therefore the modernization was subject to fish friendliness and debris management evaluation. A fish friendly turbine has been installed: it has only three fixed runner blades which are free from gaps and it is operating at a very low runner speed of max. 120rpm.  Thus the collision risk for fish entering the turbine chamber is very low. To protect fish from entering into the turbine chamber the power plant has a very inclined fine rake of 20mm rake bar distance in front of the turbine. The rake has openings towards a bypass so that the fish can swim around the turbine chamber without any risk. Investigations have shown that the turbine-mortality of a DIVE-Turbine is 1% at 150rpm. This ensures that the overall power plant mortality is less than 1%. The upstream migration of fish is realized by a fish ladder.

The new turbine has a diameter of 2420mm and is speed-regulated. With this parameters it can reach highest efficiencies even at very low heads less than two meters. The annual production of the new power plant will be 1.500.000 kW to provide energy for 1.400 private homes.

The power plant is operated by the VALOREM group, which is one of the leading french energy provides in the area of renewable energies. Claredent is one of the first hydro power projects in the portfolio of the energy supplier and therefore has a pioneer position. The power plant control was realized by 2EI Industries, a supplier specialized on renewable power plant control. 2EI has been partner of DIVE Turbinen GmbH & Co. KG for many years and has already realized several projects with the DIVE-Turbine.

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