New hydro power plant with horizontal rake set into operation

May 2020

Just before the international lockdown a new DIVE power plant has been set into operation. Hydro power plant Touille ist located at the river Salat with a capacity of 600kW at 7m of head. The runner diameter is 1450mm. For fish migration safety a new horizontal rake was installed. The rake is also designed by DIVE Turbinen GmbH & Co. KG.

DIVE Turbinen GmbH & Co. KG is a german turbine manufacturer located in Amorbach, Southern Germany. The turbine in Touille is now the 41st DIVE-Turbine on the grid. DIVE-Turbines are in operation since 2006 all over the world. The special character of the DIVE-Turbine is its fishfriendliness, which enables downstream migration for river animals. This is important to safe and improve the environmental state of the rivers. Operating a DIVE-Turbine is of no risk to any migrating fish and other animals like microorganisms.

The DIVE-Turbine is a double regulated turbine with variable runner speed and is delivered with full power plant control. The speed-regulation requires to use electronic inverters. The inverter technology enables to provide grid services besides energy production.  The energy revolution with renewable energies will have a growing need of grid services to adapt to grid frequency oscillations and other grid occurrences which are necessary for the grid stability.

The DIVE-Turbine in Touille is the 13th DIVE-Turbine in France. Further turbines for the French region are currently in production.

Picture gallery Touille