2.1 Megawatt hydropower with DIVE-Turbines for Kazakhstan

April 2020

In March 2020 the first DIVE-Turbine exceeding two megawatt has been set into operation in Southern Kazakhstan. Hydro power plant Darkhan located at the river Keles is a new power plant with two DIVE-Turbines. Until now, only one turbine has been started due to interruptions by the Corona-Virus lockdown and travel restrictions. The second turbine is supposed to be started as soon as possible.

The DIVE-team is happy about the successful start-up of the first turbine after a two years construction period. The turbine capacity makes the project a showcase project for DIVE Turbinen GmbH & Co. KG as well as for the regional energy supply with renewable energies in Kazakhstan.

Worldwide, more than 40 DIVE-Turbines are already in permanent operation. Due to the simple mechanics of the DIVE-Turbine it is not necessary to supervise the turbines on site. The turbines are controlled by remote and if necessary, service works on site are instructed. The design of the DIVE-Turbine as one compact unit of turbine and generator allows for transport and installation in regions with less infrastructure, for example in irrigation channels or fish farms.

The turbines in Kazakhstan have an installed capacity of 2.15 MW each at 15m of head. The turbine diameter is nearly four meters with a weight of 23 tons per turbine. The turbines have been completely assembled and tested in Amorbach, Germany. After all tests, they have been delivered to Kazakhstan per truck. On site, the turbines have been installed by a crane and wired. The generator is completely submerged, which makes it a very simple and cheap civil works concept. Only the transport container with electronic equipment is visible above the water line. The project has been realized in cooperation with DIVE's French partner 2EI Industries.


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